As one of the UK's largest corporate donors, we use our scale to reach people in communities across the country.

Our four independent, charitable Foundations cover England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, and are fundamental to our vision of tackling social disadvantage and helping Britain recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Each Foundation partners with hundreds of small and vital charities in their area to help people overcome social issues such as mental health, domestic abuse and homelessness and help people to rebuild their lives – issues that we know have been exacerbated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. 

Since 1985 we have donated over £686 million to our Foundations enabling them to award over 64,000 grants to charities and supportting people in communities all over the UK and Channel Islands. 

Over the past two years, the Group has donated over £50 million to help the Foundations plan ahead during the pandemic. As well as providing funding, our Foundations combine local knowledge and expertise to help charities to become more effective and financially sustainable.

Our colleagues also offer practical support to the Foundations and their charities. This takes many forms; virtual volunteering, mentoring programmes and sharing digital resources through the Lloyds Bank Academy.

Supporting charities impacted by coronavirus

In response to the increasing financial challenges that charities were facing due to COVID-19, the Foundations distributed emergency funding to charities across the UK and the Channel Islands in 2020, enabling them to provide their service in new and innovative ways, or plan for recovery and rebuild.

This included the launch of a Covid Recovery Fund by the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales, which assists charities with a two-year unrestricted grant of £50,000 and dedicated organisational development support. Through this programme, the Foundation has awarded a total of £7.5 million to approximately 150 charities. 25% of this fund was set aside for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic led organisations.

The Group’s commitment to maintain its £25.5 million donation to our Foundations in 2021 will help secure a more certain future for charities and safeguard their important societal contribution.

We're also supporting small charities through the crisis with colleagues' skills and volunteering time – adapting our mentoring programmes and providing new resources and opportunities. 

Covid-19 response forums

One of the ways we are doing this is through our Covid-19 response forums, established after the Foundations told us that charities need urgent help with crisis review and recovery, financial management, leadership and governance, managing teams, communications and digital skills.

In these two-hour online sessions, our colleagues team up and use their knowledge, skills and experience to help a small charity solve problems, discuss challenges and set their strategic direction. 84 charities have been supported by over 350 colleagues so far.

Spotlight on mental health

We're proud to have supported our four independent charitable Foundations for almost 35 years. Our funding allows them to make grants to charities helping people in communities all over the UK and Channel Islands. The charities they support help people who are facing complex social issues, including mental health, helping to tackle disadvantage and helping Britain prosper socially. 

Improving mental health is an important way the Foundations are helping to tackle disadvantage in communities, by helping local charities to support individuals in improving their mental health and moving on with their lives. 

Our four Foundations are currently funding 294 charities, where supporting people around mental health is a part of what they're delivering. They are investing almost £8 million in those charities over the lifetime of their grants - helping thousands of people to change their lives for the better.
Over the last two years, our four Foundations have received an additional £2.1 million from the Group specifically to support the issue of mental health. This funding has enabled them to support 45 charities to help local people suffering from mental health issues.