A dynamic career in data


Caroline works in the world of data, and is passionate about bringing our services, and shared skills, into the future.

Caroline at her desk in a blue and white striped jumper with a headset on, talking and smiling

Caroline is a Senior Data Analyst at the Group, keen on making a difference within the industry.

I’m all about data. I work in a team that supports business users across Lloyds Banking Group. Our team is important because our business users may require different services at different times, so we need to provide support and access to all relevant information around the clock. 

There’s seven of us in the team, yet we individually get to work on so many diverse tasks in a day. And no two days are the same. There's always something new, fresh changes and innovations. There's always something to be investigated. It’s a lot to take on, but quite exciting. That's what a dynamic career is all about. 

“I've always wanted to be able to make these kinds of changes and differences within the industry. I just really enjoy doing the job that I do.”

Moving on up

People are at the heart of the process here, and you get to be part of the strides that are made constantly. You always get a good understanding of why things are done to evolve the business, and how. 

The Group is really good at adjusting to changes and being able to keep ahead of the industry by getting their people to upskill, with many opportunities to do just that. Learning has always been part and parcel of working at Lloyds Banking Group – it's very much embedded in our culture. Anybody can use our learning portal, where you can get exposure to so many relevant topics.

If you want to learn about data, you can start somewhere simple, and there’s support to do so. I think for anybody who's looking to enhance their skills and learn more, the opportunities here are almost never-ending.

Leading the pack

We’re always growing as both a business and as a team. The focus is not just about growing the business in a traditional sense – it’s about people growing so they can make a bigger impact on our customers. 

There are a lot of changes happening in the industry and the world at large, which we can tell from our customers’ habits. If we don't have the ability to get meaningful changes in place, then, just like any other organisation, we could miss the boat.

“The focus is not just about growing the business in a traditional sense – it’s about people growing so they can make a bigger impact on our customers.”

Because people are interacting in more of an online space than physically, they’re using more digital products than ever before. One of our biggest goals is to make ourselves a FinTech organisation rather than just a financial institution, where we can assist our customers and respond to their needs in the best way possible. 

Everything we touch that advances us technologically is going to continue our mission Help Britain Prosper. It's all part of the process.

An exciting future

Without the right kind of technology, people, processes, and tools in place, I don't think we could be as competitive as some other providers. I feel like I'm part of something bigger, whether it’s with the data that we deal with, or customer insights.

When you then get to see your insights coming to life in terms of figures, it’s so thrilling. You never know how you can help make a difference.

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