"Our unique position at the heart of the UK economy offers a real opportunity to own and define what financial services looks like in the UK, both in the medium-term and the long-term."

Charlie Nunn
Group Chief Executive
16 August 2021
3 min read


Today I start as Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group.

It’s a role I feel privileged to step into – and having had a few months to reflect and prepare, I’m really looking forward to getting started.

Lloyds Banking Group is an organisation I’ve observed and admired from a distance for many years – both as an executive at HSBC and as a consultant in the industry. Its footprint in every community, brilliant people, rich heritage and clear purpose made the decision to join a ‘no-brainer’.

The last in that list was particularly important. Purpose is everything to an organisation: it sets the tempo to which the whole place ticks; gives a reason to turn up to work; directs a business by reminding it of its place in society.

Our purpose

So as I’ve watched Lloyds from the outside, I’ve been impressed by a company with a really clear purpose. ‘Helping Britain Prosper’ – and in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, Helping Britain Recover – says everything you need to know about what we’re trying to achieve.

We’re focusing on the real economy of the UK, the parts people and companies interact with every day.

We’re helping people, businesses and communities across the country to grow.

We’re playing our part in tackling the social and economic issues facing society as a whole.

Not all organisations have as clear a focus as that – but by seeking to be a healthy business in a thriving economy, we ensure that as we become more profitable, so too do those around us.

It’s absolutely the right thing to be focusing on, and I’m really supportive of that direction.

Hear from Charlie as he prepares to join the Group

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Meet our soon-to-be Chief Executive Charlie Nunn and hear his thoughts on joining the Group, why he took the role and what he's looking forward to the most. 

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Listening and learning

So while I have a good feel for the business and its role in the sector, I know I still have a lot to learn about Lloyds Banking Group – and there’s nothing like getting up close and personal to really understand an organisation.

That’s why I’m planning to spend the first few months getting to know our people, our customers and our business better before outlining any strategic plans. Listening is a powerful tool both in developing yourself and building a better culture – so doing that from day one will allow us to put the best plans in place to help us keep moving forwards.

I will therefore make myself available and accessible to those willing to share their views. I’ll regularly take time out to hear from a range of voices, recognising that all of us have a unique perspective to bring to the table.

And I’ll spend as much time as possible speaking to people in all parts of the UK – those who work for us and those who bank with us – to make sure our plans are sensitive to local needs and local communities.

By doing so, we’ll put ourselves in the best possible position to help the whole of the UK recover and grow in the years ahead.


"By seeking to be a healthy business in a thriving economy, we ensure that as we become more profitable, so too do those around us."

The next few months

We have our clear commitments for the rest of this year in Strategic Review 2021 – so we need to focus on making those plans a success while we develop our strategy for the years ahead.

Our unique position at the heart of the UK economy offers a real opportunity to own and define what financial services looks like in the UK, both in the medium-term and the long-term. We need to make sure we’re tuned into the trends shaping society as a whole: from climate change and the green economy, to technological change and helping people get the most out of the technology available to them.

I’m excited to see where that leads us and I know everyone else at this organisation is too.

The great thing is, we’re all united on the end goal: a healthy and prosperous UK economy and society. Lloyds Banking Group, and its family of iconic brands, have been contributing to that goal for over three centuries – and its people have done amazing work in the last year to maintain that focus in the most unlikely of circumstances.

So today I’m not starting afresh; I’m picking up the baton. Thanks to the work of everyone here – including António and William, who have led this organisation so well – we’re in a really strong position today.

Together with my leadership team, I hope to continue the great work this organisation has been doing to help Britain back to full health and onto the path to prosperity.

There’s a lot of ground still to cover, but we’re heading in the right direction and I can’t wait to get stuck in.



About the author Charlie Nunn

Charlie has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services sector. Prior to joining the Group, Charlie held a range of leadership positions at HSBC, including Global Chief Executive, Wealth and Personal Banking, and Group Head of Wealth Management and Digital, as well as Global Chief Operating Officer of Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

Charlie began his career at Accenture, where he worked for 13 years in the US, France, Switzerland and the UK before being made a Partner. He then moved to McKinsey & Co. as a Senior Partner, leading on projects for 5 years.

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