In order to be the best bank for customers, we recognise that we must continue to adapt to changes in customer behaviour, technology-driven competition and regulation.

With evolution of our strategy, we will further embed our purpose across all of our activities. This will ensure we contribute to creating an environmentally sustainable and inclusive future for the UK and by doing so build a successful and sustainable business.

The global pandemic will have lasting social and economic effects on the United Kingdom. Its impact has been felt by everyone, whether through financial hardship, reduced choices, mental distress or personal loss.

Our focus will therefore be to Help Britain Recover, and we are committed to working with others in five areas where we can make the most difference.

£9 billion lent to first time buyers
48,000 business supported to start up
£3 billion to £5 billion expansion of green finance initiatives
700,000 customer calls answered through our dedicated telephone lines for NHS workers and the over 70s
We've kept 96% of our branches open since the start of the pandemic

Our progress and focus

  • We remain committed to supporting our customers to become financially resilient and to plan and save for the future. We will provide practical support, and flexibility where possible, to help our customers facing financial difficulty to get back on track and help as many customers as we can to stay in their own home.


    In 2021 we will:

    • Have over 6,500 colleagues trained to support customers to build their financial resilience
    • Maintain our commitment to supporting mental health and become accredited as ‘Mental Health Accessible’ for Halifax and Bank of Scotland, in addition to the existing Lloyds Bank accreditation
    • Partner with independent debt advice organisations to ensure customers have access to practical support

    Half-year update


    accounts for which customers have been directed to free, independent debt advice

  • We will be by the side of businesses as they recover, supporting UK business to adapt and grow, and create quality jobs across the regions of the UK.


    In 2021 we will:

    • Develop appropriate recovery plans for our customers, supported by 1,100 business specialists in communities across Britain
    • Support at least 75,000 UK businesses to start up in 2021
    • Help at least 185,000 small businesses boost their digital capability through our Regional Academies, partnerships and digital mentoring

    Half-year update


    start-up businesses supported with funding, on track to meet our target of 75,000


    small businesses helped to boost their digital capabilities through our Lloyds Bank Digital Academy

  • As the UK recovers from the pandemic, we aspire to a UK in which all households have access to stable, affordable and safe homes in places they want to live. We are committed to broadening access to home ownership and exploring opportunities to increase our support to the UK rental sector.


    In 2021 we will:

    • Provide £10 billion of lending to help people to buy their first home in 2021, and lead a national conversation on how more households can access the housing market
    • Provide £1.5 billion of new funding support, including £500 million in ESG-linked funding, in support of the social housing sector
    • Support the creation of national sustainability standards for house-building finance and assess the energy retrofit requirements of over 200,000 homes in the social housing sector

    Half-year update

    c. £9 billion

    lent to first time buyers, on track to meet our target of £10 billion by the end of the year

    £2.1 billion

    funding delivered to the social housing sector, exceeding our full-year target of £1.5 billion

  • With recovery comes an opportunity to build a greener future, creating new businesses and jobs for the future. We want to play our part in supporting the transition to net zero and are committed to working with customers, Government and the market to help reduce the carbon emissions we finance by more than 50 per cent by 2030 on the path to net zero by 2050 or sooner.


    In 2021 we will:

    • Expand the funding available under our green finance initiatives from £3 billion to £5 billion, to support businesses to transition
    • Launch a new goal to ensure our own operations are net zero by 2030
    • Become the first major pensions and insurance provider to target halving the carbon footprint of all our c.£170bn investments by 2030 on our path to net zero by 2050
    • Introduce a flagship fossil fuel-free fund to support green growth, allowing pension savers to choose to invest in UK companies pursuing a positive environmental impact


    Half-year update

    £5 billion

    funding made available under our green finance initiatives


    our ranking in the Financial Times list of Europe's Climate Leaders

  • We believe that the economic and social recovery should be one that’s truly inclusive and involves communities across the UK's nations and regions.


    In 2021 we will:

    • Set new aspirations for a leadership team that reflects the society we serve, of 50 per cent women, 3 per cent Black and 13 per cent Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues in senior roles by 2025
    • Maintain our £25.5 million contribution to our independent charitable foundations, with the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales focusing 25 per cent of its support on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic led charities
    • Support regional regeneration, including launching the ‘Regional Housing Growth Initiative’, helping small- and mediumsized housebuilders create more homes in the North of England, the Midlands and the regions of Scotland
    • Support financial inclusion by providing banking for groups of people experiencing homelessness, financial abuse or victims of modern slavery and supporting the prisoner banking programme


    Half-year update

    We've made progress towards these diversity targets


    women in senior roles by 2025


    Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues in senior roles by 2025


    Black colleagues in senior roles by 2025

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Britain's preferred financial partner

In order to be the best bank for customers, we recognise that we must continue to adapt to changes in customer behaviour, technology-driven competition and regulation.

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