The term ‘fintech’ covers a wide range of technology companies that seek to enable innovation within financial services. To us a ‘fintech’ company is a small, agile business that employs technology to adapt, improve, or perhaps totally automate financial services.​

We recognise that collaborating with fintechs is vital if we are to create the best possible outcomes for our customers and help them get the most out of emerging technologies. As such, we are committed to making it as transparent as possible for fintechs to work with us.​

There are a variety of different ways that a fintech can collaborate with Lloyds Banking Group.

Support for fintechs

If you’re looking to receive support that helps you refine your proposition and develop your product.​


  • Plexal​

    Plexal help solve societal challenges by closing the gap between organisations and collaborating with government, startups and industry to deliver national security and prosperity. 

    Our partnership with Plexal helps Britain prosper by supporting UK and regional innovation ecosystems and accelerators providing opportunities for startups to grow. Plexal have many opportunities and accelerators starting at various points throughout the year for different challenges which Lloyds Banking Group encourage startups to consider applying to.

  • Immerse with Lloyds Bank

    Immerse is our educational programme run in partnership with Foundervine. The programme is for black founders of early-stage startups who are looking to build, grow and scale their business. Visit the Lloyds Bank hub supporting Black-owned businesses hub to find out more. 

Accenture Fintech Lab​

​The Fintech Innovation Lab, run by Accenture, is a 12-week mentorship programme bringing together fintech start-ups and leading financial institutions. ​

Lloyds Banking Group is involved and monitors the London programme.​

Partner with us

If you have an established fintech product or service and are interested in exploring a partnership with Lloyds Banking Group. ​

We initially look to run a proof-of-concept, this approach allows us to work with fintechs quickly and efficiently, enabling both of us to learn and innovate at pace.

  • Innovation Sandbox​

    ​Our Innovation Sandbox is a safe, external digital environment that allows us to test and evaluate technologies. ​

    Where applicable, the Sandbox can be used to conduct proof-of-concepts using synthetic data in order to help us understand how valuable a product or service might be.​

  • Register

    If you would like to explore the opportunity of providing a fintech product to Lloyds Banking Group, but none of the other routes are of interest, then we would love to hear from you. Please email us to register your interest for a proof of concept. Please don’t let registering prevent you from exploring any of our other initiatives!

    Please make sure to include the following information within your submission (max 400 words) or it may not be reviewed:


    • Product value proposition 
    • Target user of product
    • Attach a pitch deck
    • If applicable - The name of any Lloyds Banking Group employee or team that you have already engaged with 

    Please note that registering does not guarantee a proof of concept with Lloyds Banking Group. 

    We will keep hold of the information that you provide and share it with appropriate internal stakeholders so that we can evaluate the potential opportunity, so please don’t send us anything commercially sensitive. If you'd like to know more about how we hold your data, please see the privacy notice below.  

    We will be in touch if there is an opportunity to progress, at which point you will need to go through our standard proof of concept and contracting onboarding process, you can read more about this below. 


Launch is our collaborative innovation programme aligned to specific business challenges and designed to fast-track experimentation for companies who are interested in running a proof of concept with Lloyds Banking Group. 

Click here for more information on how to apply.

“As a founder the Launch programme was an incredible experience, it focused on commercial experimentation and partnership. There was a clear pathway to experiment with senior stakeholders involved from the off, with a commitment to clarity that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. I’m a multiple founder and this is one of the best!” 

Sai Lakshmi, CEO & Founder, Caura

“The Launch programme provides fresh thinking and a renewed customer focus to the Group. It has allowed us to collaborate and experiment with fintech at speed. It provides both parties with a clearly structured and mutually beneficial approach. Ultimately helping us become a better partner and Helping Britain Prosper."

Nicholas Besley - Strategic Capability Director within Mass Affluent, Lloyds Banking Group

Our fintech investments

If you’re raising a Seed to Series B round and would like Lloyds Banking Group as an investor, then click here to read about our specialist Fintech Investment Team.


Onboarding steps

We understand the process of entering into a partnership with a bank can be a daunting task, but we're here to support you and make it as straightforward as possible while ensuring we deliver the best solutions for our customers.  

To provide more guidance and clarity on our process, we've outlined the steps that need to be taken below.

  • Engage with fintech

    At this stage we will engage with our Sourcing Business Partners to assess several fintechs and insurtechs by asking you to pitch and demonstrate your technology and capabilities against our business needs.

  • System registration

    Before we enter into an agreement with you, we will register your organisation on our sourcing system. There will be some basic information required from you at this stage. During this process we will complete the necessary due diligence checks – for a PoC engagement this will be reasonably light-touch.

  • Sign NDA

    Subject to the due diligence checks being completed successfully, we will share our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which will be electronically signed by both parties.

  • Complete IT requirements

    Depending on the risk level of the engagement and the integration of the product/service, we may need you to complete our Architecture and Data governance to help us assess any potential risks or assurance gaps for our customers. We will work together with you to complete this as quickly as possible.

  • Contract discussions

    Together with our Business and Sourcing teams, we will commence more detailed discussions around the scope of the engagement and share our scaled-back terms and conditions for your review and consideration. This is your chance to make sure you are comfortable with everything, and our team are more than happy to assist with any queries.

  • Finalise contract

    Alongside the previous step, we will work through the governance process on our side and contact you if we need any more information. This is the final step before we can sign a contract.

Hear about some of our recent partnerships

Llaunchpad Corporate Ventures Panel

Video | 3 mins

Hear about three of our recent fintech startup partnerships – with Form3, CFP Green Buildings, and AND Digital.

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Ongoing partner appraisal

We will continue to work with you to ensure all parties are getting value from the collaboration. After the initial engagement is complete, we will work with you to evaluate its success through pre-defined criteria and assess the next steps we can take together. This might be a pilot, a full integration, and the potential for equity investment.