Halifax reveals 'It's a people thing': First phase of relaunch by New Commercial Arts

13 February 2021

Halifax is re-launching its brand positioning to be all about people, fronted by a new advertising campaign launching this weekend.

From its roots as a building society to its position as one of the biggest banks in the UK today, Halifax has always been known as a friendly, down-to-earth, welcoming bank. The ‘It’s a people thing’ campaign sets a direction for the entire brand, built around the simple belief that banking at its heart is people helping people.

The re-launch unites together both brand and customer experience, a move that follows Catherine Kehoe’s new role as Chief Customer Officer at Lloyds Banking Group, as well as the appointment of New Commercial Arts last year – the agency set up by James Murphy and David Golding alongside creative founder Ian Heartfield and experience founder Rob Curran.

Set on a single UK street, the advert navigates through different moments in the lives of the people who live there, as they happen at the same time. Some are joyous things, some are sad or frustrating things, but they all represent the wonderful fabric of life within the communities that Halifax supports.

The campaign launches on 13th February with a 90” TVC advert (alongside 60” and 30” versions) and supported by OOH, Press, Radio and Social. But the new positioning stretches way beyond advertising; it is part of a promise to create a more human banking experience for its customers across all touchpoints.

People celebrating an engagement

Richard Warren, Director of Marketing Communications, Lloyds Banking Group said: “Halifax is a heartland of Britain brand. Our new ‘It’s a people thing’ campaign puts it right back where it belongs.”

Ian Heartfield, Creative Founder, New Commercial Arts said: “Halifax advertising has always been of the people and for the people - positive, relatable and distinctly British. Our story continues that tradition, set on what could be any street in the country, showing a snapshot of the richness of modern British life that plays out behind our front doors and on our pavements.”

Rob Curran, Experience Founder, New Commercial Arts said: "This campaign is unusual in that it isn't really a campaign. It's a promise that goes hand in hand with ambitious and bold changes to almost every aspect of the bank's customer experience. That's what makes this so different; Halifax are doing this properly, paying as much attention to the experience as the they do the marketing of it."