Scary spike in burglaries as clocks change

25 October 2021

Homeowners are being reminded to protect their properties from prowling thieves this winter as the clocks change this month.

Last year, Halifax Home Insurance had a 107% increase in claims for burglaries between April and October – the months when days start getting longer and shorter respectively.

As the country emerged from lockdown this year and people began socialising, the insurer had another spike in claims with a 42% increase between January and August.

The date of the clocks changing is particularly ghoulish this year – landing on Halloween – when more people may be outside trick or treating or at parties this year, leaving homes empty for thieves. However, there are positive sides to the days drawing in – cosy nights in, bingeing on box sets and hunkering down for winter.

To make it easier for customers to protect their belongings, Halifax Home Insurance has also launched a new online product that takes the hassle out of taking out cover. It allows customers to quickly get a quote by answering a simple set of questions, and take out a level of cover that best suits them.

Tim Downes, Senior Claims Manager, Halifax Home Insurance, said: “Some of us might be looking forward to an opportunity for quiet evenings in, especially if the summer has been spent catching up on socialising.

“However when the clocks change, we also see an increase in burglary as shady corners provide the perfect opportunity for burglars to slip into homes. Taking some easy steps to protect properties during the darker days can pay off in the long run.”

Halifax Bank Home Insurance is offering homeowners top tips to keep their homes safe as the clocks go back:


  1. Make sure bushes, hedges and trees aren’t creating easy hiding places for burglars.
  2. Leave a light on in your home when you are out or have a light timer fitted.
  3. Think about installing exterior security lights at the front and back of your property.
  4. Leave the radio or the television on to give the impression that the house is occupied.
  5. If possible, invest in a CCTV system. You can now also buy cameras that allow you to monitor your home remotely via your smart phone or tablet.
  6. It’s a good idea to invest in a burglar alarm. Not only do they keep your home safe, but also act as a deterrent to burglars, and could reduce your home insurance premium.
  7. Having a gravel driveway can be a good deterrent to burglars as the sound will alert homeowners to an intruder.