Home and garden must-haves according to Brits

28 November 2022

  • A tenth of Brits now think a home cinema is a ‘must-have’.
  • Garden sheds or outbuildings are important outdoor features for a third of people.
  • Lack of grass is one of the biggest outdoor turn-offs. 

Halifax research of over 4,600 UK adults has shown what people want when it comes to their homes and gardens. 

While sensible choices on a good Wi-Fi connection and energy efficiency top the table, the rise of certain home trends on social media look to be playing a part in Brits’ interior preferences.

One in 10 people now think that a home cinema is a necessity, alongside a wood burner to stay cosy, while a similar proportion (9%) suggests some people think a kettle is old (and slow) news, with a boiling water tap a must-have.

A small proportion of people continue to need their relaxing bubbles time, with 3% seeing a hot tub as essential.

Great gardens

People know what they want when it comes to gardens as well.

Grass is a stand-out, with almost half (46%) of people preferring the natural look to artificial options or paving.  

The garden shed and other outbuildings remain a firm favourite also, with a third (33%) considering them to be important features for their outdoor space.

In fact, a garden is incredibly important for some, with over a quarter (26%) of people saying a beautiful garden would convince them to buy a house they would otherwise discount. 

Tricky trends

Certain garden trends are failing to impress for some. Keeping things simple is important for Brits, as almost half (47%) of people aren’t impressed with a high maintenance plot.   

Further, while they might be few and far between in the UK, for a quarter (26%), a swimming pool is a big no.

More generally, a wood cladding exterior and loud wallpaper were selected by almost a third (30%) of people as some of their least favourite home fads.

New year, new home resolutions

According to the Halifax research, almost half of homeowners (46%) are considering making improvements to their home within the next few years.

Kim Kinnaird, Halifax Mortgages Director said: “In today’s climate, it’s possible people may stay in their current home for longer, putting home improvements higher up the agenda, including adding long-term value to future proof their property.

“Our research shows that top of people’s home wish lists are good Wi-Fi and energy efficiency. However, some people are looking for something a little different – with two fifths citing a utility room as a must-have while almost a tenth see a hot water tap as essential.”

Dream home

The dream home for over a third of people (34%) is a large, modern detached with all the contemporary conveniences – such as a new kitchen and built-in wardrobes – with a quarter (24%) fantasising about a Georgian, Edwardian, or Victorian period property with high ceilings and windows.