Bowling strikes: pins popular in December

17 January 2024

  • Lloyds Bank data shows bowling spend topping the leader board in December at +106% (vs December 2022).
  • People spent more on booking holidays last month, with cruises up over a quarter compared to December 2022. 
  • Filling up on petrol slowed, however charging EVs up +47% year on year.
  • Fitness (e.g. gyms and fitness classes) spending rose +12% in December.

Gabby Collins, Payments Director, at Lloyds Bank said: “Bowling had something of a resurgence last year, with our data showing a massive increase in spending at alleys compared to December 2022, as family get-togethers and Christmas parties got underway. And it seems people were driven to book more getaways to escape the UK’s wet weather – it was cruises that topped the list in December, with spend more than a quarter up on this type of break compared to the year before.

"Despite essential costs remaining higher overall, it’s encouraging to see people spending money on activities that can be enjoyed with family and friends. Regularly looking at your household budget will help with balancing paying for the essentials and taking time out to have fun.”