Lloyds Banking Group makes £35 million donation to its charitable Foundations

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14 March 2024

Lloyds Banking Group has made an annual donation of £35.2 million to its four independent charitable Foundations for 2024.

The donation will be split between the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales, the Bank of Scotland Foundation, the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland and the Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands Foundations, to provide support to vital local services in the communities that they operate.

This year’s annual donation of £35.2 million is the largest since 2013 and an increase of 42% on 2023.

In total, Lloyds Banking Group has donated £243 million to the Foundations since 2014 to help tackle social disadvantage in the communities that need it most. This includes over £131 million since 2020, at a time when other sources of income for charities are declining, and fundraising is increasingly challenging.

Charity and community

Working with charities and community groups across the UK is a key part of our purpose of Helping Britain Prosper.

Over 320 years’ banking experience has taught us that when local people, local businesses and communities all prosper, so can we.

Charity and community

The Foundations work with hundreds of small and local charities, providing funding and support to help people overcome complex social issues. In 2023, over 2,400 charities were supported through a mix of grant-making and colleague matched giving for their local fundraising and volunteering.

Sir Robin Budenberg, Chair, Lloyds Banking Group: "Our four independent charitable Foundations play an incredibly important role in communities across the UK - maximising the impact of grassroot organisations with direct funding and support.

At a time when the demand for services provided by local charities is higher than ever, we will help protect and enhance their vital work by donating £35 million to the Foundations - our largest annual donation in the past ten years. This funding will strengthen our Foundations' partnerships with hundreds of small charities across the UK - supporting millions of people who are most in need, and helping Britain prosper."

Lloyds Banking Group colleagues also continue to play a vital role in supporting the Foundations, with more than 90,300 hours of volunteering completed in 2023. This includes skill sharing, mentoring, digital support, and on-the-ground practical support.