We’re helping customers to build financial knowledge and empower them with the confidence they need to make the most of their money, both now and in the future.

Through our family of consumer brands, we support our customers in many ways:


We’ve been in touch with more than 15 million customers in the last year to inform them of their options for savings to show how they could benefit from changing their savings product to receive better rates.


More than 6 million unwanted third-party subscriptions have been directly cancelled or blocked through our mobile banking apps, since we launched the service in June 2021, to help with budgeting.

Your Credit

More than 8.8 million customers have registered for Your Credit Score to help them understand their credit score and improve it, since its launch in September 2021.


We regularly write to repeat overdraft users and customers in persistent debt to help them understand how small changes to their repayment habits, such as fixing their monthly payments, can help them to pay down their balance quicker and save money on interest.

Access to

Making sure that our customers have easy access to information that will help them to make good decisions is important. We’ve lots of brand-new tools available in our Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and Halifax apps as well as on our Money Worries and Money Management banking webpages such as the Support Tool and Budget Calculator.

Financial and digital capability

Financial Capability training with Crisis

Video | 1 min

The Lloyds Bank Academy is working with our charity partner, Crisis, to empower service users with financial knowledge that will support them as they enter employment, learn budgeting skills, and live independently.

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Our latest insights

As longstanding supporters of the social housing sector, our experts have unique insights into the challenges and opportunities the sector is facing.

Supporting our customers with the rising cost of living

The high cost of living continues to put pressure on the UK’s finances. While everyone is affected in different ways, we’re here to help and are supporting our customers at every turn. 

Financial inclusion and access to banking

We want to ensure that as many people as possible, irrespective of their circumstances, have access to a bank account and the necessary support and skills to manage their money.