MEET robert Eriksson

As Head of Engineering at Lloyds Banking Group, Robert is excited about the impact he and his team are creating for millions of customers across the country. With 20 million online banking customers, a digital engineering career with the Group gives him the opportunity to make a difference to approximately 30 percent of the population – which means he can truly help Britain prosper.

However, Robert knows that technology is just an enabler; true change has to begin with people and culture for the Group to continue as a customer-led business and be able to respond quickly to their ever-changing needs. That’s why he’s passionate about educating colleagues about the benefits of technology, and he’s focused on recruiting, attracting and developing the best engineering minds in the field.

“If you can’t change the culture, it doesn’t matter what technologies you have,” he says. “We need to change people’s mindsets first. We need to empower people to understand and embrace these new ways of working.”

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Creating impact at the heart of a huge organisation

As the UK’s largest digital bank, Lloyds Banking Group offers Robert and his team a diverse range of opportunities and challenges. But what really drives Robert is the monumental challenge of re-shaping our ways of working.

“Tech and engineering is now at the heart of our digital vision, which means we have to work more closely with all areas of the business,” he explains. “We need to break down barriers and create a more direct and efficient feedback loop between departments if we want to become the bank of the future.” 

This faster, more agile way of working includes scrum-based multi-functional delivery teams, two weekly sprints and regular one-on-one meetings, and it removes unnecessary red tape so teams can deliver better solutions in less time.

Best of all, this freedom from bureaucracy allows teams to focus on becoming the best bank for customers – so we can fulfil our purpose of helping Britain prosper. And the collaborative process means that engineers get more opportunities to work with different areas of a complex business, so they enjoy more varied, challenging projects.

Top of the App Charts

One of the achievements Robert is proudest of is the Lloyds Banking Group mobile banking app. Ranked number one banking app in the UK, fourth in Europe and eighth in the world, the app is a prime example of the team’s engineering prowess and dedication to their work.

According to Robert, it’s also a testament to the faster, more agile way of working the business is currently championing. “It’s all about faster feedback loops,” he says. “Everyone here is a Lloyds Banking Group customer so we could test the beta versions of the app before we released it to the public. This allowed the engineers to make sure that the mobile app was performing at its best before it went live.”

Whether he’s setting the strategic direction for how the Group builds software, implementing new ways of working or inspiring his team to create award-winning work, Robert is passionately driving our continued transformation as a customer-led business. If you’re interested in joining Robert and his team as they make a difference to millions of lives, join us. Help Britain prosper, and we’ll help you prosper, too.

Together we make it possible.