Meet Sarah Chowdhury

Sarah has always been a strong believer in making a difference to society – and it’s this focus on helping others that led her to Lloyds Banking Group, where she saw an opportunity to help even more people.

It’s a move that pairs perfectly with her beliefs, as the Group is driven by its purpose of helping Britain prosper. “We are genuinely helping customers where they need it most,” Sarah says. “We’re giving them the confidence and tools to manage their money, and we’re here to help in-branch, online or on the phone.”

Group Transformation

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Nurturing customer relationships through digital

As someone who found herself in the Group Transformation Department via a non-traditional path, Sarah knows all too well that you don’t need a background in software engineering to make a difference. Driven by her passion for great customer experience, Sarah works with teams across the business to develop and improve Webchat, an interactive tool that lets customers chat to employees online.

“It’s a tool that’s helping us build and nurture relationships with our customers, especially those who are vulnerable or older,” she says. “It encourages customers to talk to us and give us feedback so we can better help them – and it helps us improve the way we work, too.”

This is just the beginning. The team is revolutionising the way the business communicates with their customers by using chatbots and artificial intelligence – a development that’s key to the Group’s aspiration to be the best bank for customers.

It’s something Sarah’s very excited about. “It’s a cost-effective way of supporting our customers whenever they need it,” she says. “And it’ll make the whole banking experience better.”

Being True to Myself at work

At Lloyds Banking Group, we encourage everyone to be themselves at work – because we believe that we can achieve more together as a diverse group of individuals. For Sarah, this means embracing her faith as a Muslim woman and doing all she can to set a positive example for other Muslim colleagues.

“There are colleagues who feel they don’t have enough ethnic and minority role models at senior levels,” she explains. “As a senior woman who wears a headscarf, I decided to get involved with our Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage network (REACH), and I’m leading the ethnic minority agenda within the division.”

Sarah is currently working with black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues across the company to raise awareness of the issues faced by minorities. She’s also collaborating with other senior leaders within the business and REACH to tackle unconscious biases (attitudes and stereotypes that influence our actions in an unconscious manner) at a strategic level.

We understand the need for a diverse and driven team here at Lloyds Banking Group. If you feel the same way and want to help Britain prosper as part of our team, join us – and we’ll help you prosper, too.

Together we make it possible.