Meet Sophie Wilson

After an internship opened her eyes to the breadth of opportunities at Lloyds Banking Group to help others, Sophie made the leap from a history degree to a career in banking – and she’s never looked back.

Driven by her desire to help customers, especially those most vulnerable, Sophie works with colleagues across the business to create more supportive customer journeys that will help Britain prosper.

“My passion has always been for customers,” she says. “Being in the Group Transformation division has given me more opportunities to reach more customers through our digital platforms.”

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Work that wins hearts and awards

Sophie’s desire to help others led to a unique collaboration with Macmillan. Together, they created a better customer experience for those diagnosed with cancer, so vulnerable customers could focus on their recovery and recuperation.

The initiative included a specialist team trained by Macmillan to fully understand cancer patients’ needs, and staff helped customers with mortgage payments, fees and charges and more. As a result, we supported over 1,500 vulnerable customers in their time of need.

The impact of this support hasn’t gone unnoticed – according to Sophie, it’s fundamentally changed how people think about their bank. “We’ve seen people choosing to switch to us because they’ve recognised what we’ve done for their family members or friends in their time of need,” she explains.

The initiative has gained the attention and approval of the sector, too. In addition to winning various awards, the team has also been involved in Macmillan’s key events and discussions, which is key to helping us become the best bank for customers.


Inspired by the idea of a speedy problem-solving process, Sophie launched a hackathon methodology designed to tackle a range of business problems. She also developed the prototyping capability to model and test hypothetical solutions with customers and colleagues, which led to faster turnarounds. As a result, projects that took months can now be done in just two days, which has made an immense difference to our customers and has also encouraged other teams to run their own hackathons.

But Sophie knows that getting the processes right is just the first step. To really drive change, there needs to be a culture and behavioural shift. That’s why she’s so passionate about getting colleagues on board with the division’s drive to lead the Group’s digital transformation.

“Our colleagues are a key part in providing our customers with access to our digital channels, so it’s important that we share the same vision,” she says. “We’ve removed most of the red tape and hierarchies to foster a more collaborative and agile way of working, and that’s helped us get more stuff done.”

Whether it’s using technology to help vulnerable customers or improve problem-solving processes, Sophie is playing an essential role in helping us become a customer-led. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, join us and we’ll support you to make a difference as part of the UK’s largest digital bank.

Together we make it possible.